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Download Rhinote

The latest version of Rhinote is 0.7.4. Either archive format provides both the Linux and Windows versions:


(If the above download links don't work from some reason, please go here.)

.deb packages of Rhinote are available for Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux:

Rhinote for Ubuntu
Rhinote for Debian (may work with Debian derivatives besides Ubuntu)

Rhinote may also be installed directly in Ubuntu via your graphical package manager or by issuing the following command in a terminal (make sure you have the 'universe' repository enabled):

  sudo apt-get install rhinote

An alternative: If you use Linux and you like the general idea of Rhinote, but would prefer something in more of a GTK vein, check out KiyuKo's Gina. The author describes it as a 90% feature-complete clone of Rhinote, and you may prefer its relative widget standardization versus Rhinote. For what it's worth, I plan to port Rhinote to wxWidgets for a more standardized look on all platforms Really Soon Now.